About Our Campus


Teague Middle School was named to honor Mattie A. Teague for serving as a board member of the first Board of Education in the Aldine School District. According to many community leaders, Ms. Teague cared enough to work many of her spare hours seeing that the district was one of the most successful and progressive districts in the nation.

Teague Middle School opened in 1974 and is located on the north edge of Aldine Independent School District.  The school is composed of about 1300 6th – 8th grade students who represent many different cultures.  The school has been recognized for academic and extracurricular achievements for many years. Recently, the Art, Choir and Band departments have earned top honors in regional contests. In addition to school-wide honors, students have achieved numerous individual honors.  The staff of Teague Middle School work hard to help all students and is focused on helping students succeed.